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Welcome to Empath Designs®

Where Art, Energy Healing and Mindfulness Converge for a Soul-Enriching Lifestyle

Step into a world of soulful creations, where art, energy healing, and mindfulness intertwine seamlessly.

As a devoted Digital Artist and Reiki master from Melbourne, I am here to gently guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Empath Designs® is more than a brand; it's a haven for mindful living. Through my art, infused with healing energies, and my personalized Reiki healing sessions, discover the profound harmony of self-expression and self-care.

This is not merely an online gallery; it's a sanctuary of mindfulness, offering you holistic tools to cultivate a more enriching and balanced life. Empath Designs® stands as an alternative solution, a beacon of hope amidst ineffective therapies and fleeting fixes.

Join our empathic lifestyle and embark on a path illuminated by self-discovery, healing, and boundless creativity.

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Art for Mindfulness and Self-Connection
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