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Enhance your meditation experience through your senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing and intuition with this beautifully curated Lotus Crown Chakra Meditation Kit.  

This harmony kit is perfect for mindfulness practice, energy healing, chakra work, home decor for your sacred space or as gifts for your loved ones who are embarking on a meditation or mindfulness journey.

This meditative art kit can be used altogether, individually or you can mix it up depending on how you are feeling. Have a play with what feels right for you and trust your intuition!

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Lotus Crown Chakra Meditation Art Kit 

  • 1 x Limited edition Lotus print A4 size (8.3" × 11.7") or A3 size (16.5" x 11.7")
  • 1 x Lotus & 1 x meditation kit description card
  • 1 x Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 x Crown Chakra tea blend by Spiritualitea
  • 1 x Crown Chakra guided meditation audio file by Why Within 
  • 1 x 10ml bottle of Frankincense essential oil by Gumleaf Essentials
  • 1 x Amethyst tumble stone
  • 1 x Wooden laser cut disc with Crown Chakra symbol
  • BONUS: 1 x Crown Chakra affirmations wallpapers for desktop and mobile


Tips on using this kit:

  • Set aside a dedicated time for your meditation or mindfulness practice. If using the kit with the guided meditation, we recommend to set aside approximately 30 minutes.
  • Art for mindfulness: The Lotus meditation art print can help you to connect with your Crown Chakra and enhance the feeling of harmony. Simply look at the mandala or visualise a Lotus in your mind's eye while connecting with the energy of the flower. Do this as long as you feel comfortable with.
  • Tea brewing tip: Scoop 1 teaspoon of the Crown Chakra tea blend and pour boiling water into your cup or pot. Let it brew for 5 minutes. 
  • Essential oil tip: Drop a few drops of Frankincense essential oil into your diffuser. You may add more drops for stronger smell. We recommend using an electric diffuser. If you don't have a diffuser, you may rub a drop of oil onto each wrist (do a patch test first if you have sensitive skin) or you may smell the oil from the bottle before meditating. 
  • Crystal and wooden disc tip: For sensation of touch, you may hold the Amethyst and wooden disc, feeling the stone or tracing the chakra symbol on the disc with your thumb. Allow yourself to play with the tumblestone and disc mindfully during meditation in whichever way you feel comfortable with.
  • Guided meditation tip: For full immersion, we recommend using headphones when listening to the meditation which also incorporates binaural beats. Choose a comfortable spot - you may decide to meditate seated or laying down. You may meditate with your eyes open or closed.


About the Lotus Meditation Kit

At the top of our head sits the Crown Chakra, our connection to beauty and spirituality. This Chakra is the door of universal consciousness, and the deep spiritual energy of the Lotus flower aligns strongly with this higher state. The Lotus guides us to raise our awareness of consciousness and be fully present in the moment, connecting with states of unbridled creativity and expression. These violet and white energies manifest as a profound appreciation of beauty and desire to create and share ideas with the world.

Frankincense has been used in religious festivals since ancient times. One of the most spiritually-charged oils, it is perfect for grounding and inviting clarity. The earthy, uplifting aroma gives us strength, and helps let go of people or things that need releasing. Frankincense promotes a tranquil mind, perfect for healing repressed feelings and fears. It lends itself beautifully to deepening spiritual experiences and connecting with our higher consciousness.

Amethyst is a calming and protective stone. A natural tranquiliser, it is beneficial for dispelling anger, fear, anxiety and grief, and also accelerating the development of psychic abilities. Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation, promoting love of the divine and encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Use Frankincense and Amethyst together during meditation while visualising the Lotus to empower the Crown Chakra. In unity, these items may assist you with being aware of your spiritual journey while practicing mindfulness, exploring your true higher purpose. 

About the Crown Chakra Tea Blend (by Spiritualitea)

Like the Universe is a beautiful creation, so too is the Crown Chakra blend.  A delicate mix containing the Indian herb revered as the goddess of herbs, Tulsi (also known as Sacred Basil), along with the brain herbs of Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba.

Spearmint allows a clearing path for energy to flow, whilst Lavender flowers vibrate their violet energy and Vanilla pods add some sweetness to life. 


Tulsi (Sacred Basil), Spearmint, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Lavender Flowers, Aromatised in Vanilla Pods


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