Art as a healing tool

As long as humans have existed, art has always been around and evolves with humankind.

It is natural for humans to create regardless of what form it is. From prehistoric cavemen drawings to digital NFTs, there is something that is undeniable with art in general - and that is art as an instrument for healing and connection.

Creating any artform has the incredible ability to allow us to feel embodied and connected with our mind, body and spirit.

When we create, we are present in that moment and nothing else matters. When we share our creation with others, we form new connections with others and are able to connect through shared emotions.

Art has the ability to form connection and self-connection in unimaginable ways.

Hello, I'm Germaine!

I create visual art that enhances self-connection and guides your journey of self-discovery through mindfulness.

My spiritual journey began in my mid 20's when I started experiencing intense sleep paralysis out of the blue. I'd tried so many things and spoke to so many people to help me face my fears of going through sleep paralysis.

In order to work through my fears, I began repeating mantras and affirmations every night as part of my sleep routine. At that time, I didn't realise I was also practicing mindfulness.

There are more details to this story, but this is really the prologue of how Empath Designs® started.

And why it means so much to me to embrace both art and mindfulness together.

Understanding mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being present without judgement.

A simple practice but not always easy. And yes, you probably have practiced mindfulness without knowing that was what it was called.

Looking back at my childhood when I was active in art, music and sports, I realise now that I had been practicing mindfulness from a young age.

I can remember the feeling like nothing else mattered around me any time I did something creative or ran my heart out.

That feeling of being 'in the zone' as they say.

When you start practicing mindfulness consciously, you may not necessarily know or understand the effects or benefits it can have on you either.

Even though I'd recited affirmations and mantras every night since 2013 to battle my sleep paralysis, mindfulness really only made sense to me in my early 30's during the pandemic lockdowns.

To me, mindfulness isn't just about being present at any given time while doing something. Mindfulness is also about feeling embodied and connected with your mind, body and spirit.

Which is why mindfulness is a meditative practice in itself.
Practising mindfulness isn't about short term stress reduction measures. It is also about integrating a lifelong practice that supports us as we grow and evolve.

Expression of Self-Connection

This year I am incredibly excited to introduce a brand new offering that serve as guidance for your journey of self-discovery, deepen your self-love and inner connection, and provide a constant reminder of your soul's purpose.

Introducing "Empathic Energy Portraits".

This is a personalized channelled portrait that resonates with your unique energy, crafted for the present moment and tailored to align with your current path.

With deep intention, I meditate and channel visual messages that are purposefully for you.

Visual messages may include animals, insects, plants, symbols and more, and are integrated artistically with your portrait.

More about Empathic Energy Portraits

Empathic Energy Portraits are reiki-infused artwork with specific channeled visuals that are intended to help you with your personal journey of self-discovery.

Your portrait may help you to tune in to your higher self and open up the connection you seek.

This requires you to meditate with your portrait.

The visions I see flow through me into the artwork that I create. My clairsentience (clear feeling) also supports my ability to integrate visual forms cohesively.

"Will there be any messages for me?" you may ask.

Most likely, however this is up to you to tune in to your portrait.

What these portraits aren't

Many of us who are new or unfamiliar with the spiritual realm, may be curious to know who is 'hanging around them'.

You may be wanting to know who your spirit ally is, whether it be an ancestor, spirit animal or angel.

If that is what you're looking for, then this service is not for you.

Empathic Energy Portraits are NOT spirit guide drawings.

I also do not:
+ find out who your spirit ally is
+ request or recruit a spirit guide for you
+ channel messages from past loved ones
+ predict your future
+ perform past life regressions
+ tell you what you need to do to be happy
+ solve any energetic problems that is linked thru trauma, ancestral inheritance, past life, etc.

What's Included:

Your Empathic Energy Portrait package includes:

+ 1 x 1 hour introduction discovery call on Google Meets
+ 1 x High-resolution image of your Empathic Energy Portrait
+ 1 x Message card
+ 1 x Fine art paper print (unframed, your size of choice up to A2 size)
+ 1 x Completion call with optional distant reiki healing from Germaine

Your investment:
AUD$1888 for individual
AUD$2888 for couples

Please note:
I am currently only working with one client per month for this specialised commission. This is to ensure my quality of work is not compromised when working with you to co-create your portrait.

Pre-Purchase Questions

How do you do these portraits?
A scheduled video call is made with you where I find out more information about you and your intentions. After the call, I set time aside for receiving information (this includes shamanic journeying, meditation and channeling). I then begin the artistic process digitally and work on your portrait with regular meditations after each phase of the art process. When I feel that it is ready, I present you with the final piece along with a channeled message specific to you.

How long does it take you to do these portraits?
Up to 33 days.

Do I get to see progress shots of the piece?
To protect the integrity of the art process, I will only release the piece at its completion.

What if I don't like the final artwork?
Understandably, with any type of creative commission there is a risk of one's expectation not aligning with the final outcome. However, I invite you to release all expectations and remind yourself why you felt drawn to this offering in the first place. Trust that whatever comes through to me has come through for a reason.

Do you do payment plans?
There is a 50% deposit at the start of the project and 50% at completion, which is required before you receive the final product.

What happens if I feel disconnected from the portrait after a period of time?
You may choose to see that the portrait has served its purpose for you and may detach from it however you feel is right for you.

Ready to co-create something extraordinary?