Meet Germaine

Germaine is best known for her colourful digital artwork, blending geometric patterns with real-world visual and structural elements. Her interpretations of daily life are often known to awaken feelings of happiness, gratitude, empathy and peace, deeply expressing her character and personality.

Germaine’s desire to create has flourished, first from a love of all types of creative arts during childhood, then drawing inspiration from a myriad of artists throughout the years.

Her adventures as a freelance multimedia designer have uncovered a deep love of self- expression, and an understanding of how it can connect with others. Exploring new project ideas draws her toward concepts that embody her personal values, in the hope this also inspires others.

Cultural Influences

Germaine attributes her artistic development to many wonderful and varied life experiences of bliss and sadness, loss and true love, humility and self-confidence; each of these experiences and emotions finding their place within her artwork.

Travelling from a young age brought exposure to many world cultures and fostered a fascination with world artwork, mythology, history, and social landscapes. Some of Germaine’s earliest memories include family vacations throughout Europe and Asia, with visits to many religious architectural landmarks, spiritual places of worship, and multicultural communities.

Germaine enjoys developing her own interpretations of this ancient knowledge, and is passionate about integrating these ideas into innovative artwork concepts that encourage empathy, awareness, and a deeper understanding of our own personal growth. Her background in multimedia design and digital technology is what brings her to create her art digitally, and also has a strong passion for exploring different mediums, particularly sustainable methods.

Sustainability Goals

Amidst these memories has grown a deep appreciation and awareness of our environment, which encourages Germaine to explore sustainability practises in life and in her artwork.

Increased longevity and quality of product materials are a big focus, such as the usage of sustainably sourced materials (eg: bamboo) and recycled fibres (eg: recycled polyester).

Recycled materials for the digital printwork and all commission pieces serve to reduce as much waste as possible. These choices lower the carbon footprint and impact of all artwork produced. The value of each piece takes all these aspects into account, encouraging others to make environmentally conscious decisions with personal purchases.

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Collaboration and connection

Contact Germaine regarding any commission work,collaboration inquiries or if you have any questions about the artwork.