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Heart to Heart

A geometric heart-shaped structure designed to explore our outward voice and our inner light. Inspired by Candy Chang's global art project 'Before I Die'

What is this artwork?

“Heart to Heart” is a geometric heart-shaped structure designed to explore our outward voice and our inner light, in two ways:

Solid space on the outside offered for you to express yourself, and your greatest hopes and dreams for the future.Soft space on the inside allowing you to relax, engage, and connect deeply with each other about your most heartfelt desires.

A recycled art project inspired and part of Candy Chang’s global art project ‘Before I Die’.


The Heart

We often have a natural defence mechanism when expressing ourselves, and many people show a tough exterior (the wooden wall panels).  Once we let someone in we are all vulnerable in the same way, mushy on the inside (the soft cushions inside the walls).  We all feel the same emotions.

It’s important for us to be honest to those around us, and to stay true to ourselves.

To be open, honest, and raw.

The Earth

Organic material has been used as much as possible throughout this piece. Every living being on this planet is made of the same thing. We are born into this world, journey through life, then eventually we all die and return to the Earth. We only have one life, and we should live it to the fullest, each day and each moment, as if there were no tomorrow.

What do you want to do before you die?


Dedicated in loving memory to Chloe Le Tran, Erich Rabold and all the loved ones we’ve lost who loved Rainbow Serpent Festival.

With thanks to

Emma-Lee Luther, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Peter Rea, Donovan De Jong, Cameron Ham, Joey Shimmer, The Bradleys, Tai Howe Goh, Jessica Power, Ben Gautrey, Patrick Eaton, Simon Nguyen, Rohan Mitchell, Taran Marston, Brett Cartwright, Jess Schmid, Tim 'Spiro', Chris James, Martin Bonne.

Thank you Martin Bonne for translating my 2D drawings into 3D.

Artists' Notes

~ Materials Used ~

Main board and frame

+ 12 x 10 feet bamboo

+ 6 x 2m wide pallet frames

+ 114-120 pieces of individual planks, sawed to length

+ White lycra cloth

+ 1.5 litres of blackboard paint

+ 1.5 cans of white aerosol spray paint

+ Approximately 720 nails

+ Biodegradable jute and rope

Arches and decoration

+ Lots of branches and sticks, leaves and bush to create the wooden arches

+ 6 x rose quartz crystals

+ Fresh lavender buds and agapanthus flowers

+ Lots of cushions, for people to take to sit on

+ Approximately 8m of colourful cloth

Time & Personal Thoughts

+ Approximately 2 months of planning prior to event

+ Pre-event preparation 7 weeks spent on purchasing and sourcing materials, re-creating pallets by nailing individual sawed planks to pallet frame, sanding nails, painting planks, stenciling text, creating wooden arches, cutting fabric, pre-tying bamboo to pallets

+ Actual preparation at venue took approximately 9 hours with predominantly 4 people plus additional help from others throughout the day. This involved setting up the frame, tying it securely, decorating space for people to chill out

+ Every morning at the event for 5 days I would erase the board so that it would give other people opportunities to write on the board

This was my very first installation, so naturally the final outcome didn’t come out exactly as how I had it in my head. Though there were many things that I could have done differently, I’m glad this came out the way it did because the process itself taught me a lot. I thank all my friends who spent time in helping me achieve this!


Want recycled art at your next event?

I learned so much from Heart to Heart and I'd love to create something that uses more recycled, upcycled or sustainable materials. I love a good challenge and of course, love getting my hands dirty with crafty works.

If you'd like to collaborate for your next event to feature something unique, do send me a message as I'd love to hear from you!