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The Starseeds artwork collection consists of a unique golden mandala, symbolizing the universal light that binds us all.

This collection beautifully embodies the spiritual concept of Starseeds, beings who carry divine wisdom and magical abilities from their past lifetimes on Earth and other parts of the universe.

While each artwork in this collection is inspired by a different kind of Starseed — Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal — the unifying golden hue emphasizes that, despite varying interpretations and unique attributes, we are all Starseeds and we share a common, luminous essence.


"Indigo" reflects the depth and intuition of Indigo Starseeds. The golden mandala shines with patterns that suggest a deep inner knowing and a mission of spiritual awakening. It invites viewers to recognize their own wisdom, encouraging introspection and understanding of the self.


  • Open edition gold foil on artboard silk 350 gsm
  • Premium paper stock with a smooth white finish
  • Available in A3 (11.7" x 16.5") size only.
  • Each print includes a description card, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift.


  • The actual print uses gold foil therefore the subsequent images are only an indication of the print.

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