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I remain grounded and connected to Mother Earth.”

With the Earth element in balance and the nimble Antelope as a guide, foundations become secure and we find our center of balance. Display in your home to bring out the Antelope in you, or gift to a loved one who inspires you like the Antelope does.

  • Open edition print screen-printed manually by hand with love on 100% recycled eco-friendly paper. Comes with description card.
  • A3 (11.69" x 16.53") size.
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    - Animalis Collection


Animal Spirit Meaning of the Blackbuck Antelope (Earth Element)

A quick agile animal, the Antelope is a protected species in India, associated with valor and fortitude. Ancient Hindu mythology presents this creature as a guide for deities of the wind and moon. The Antelope’s speed and agility spring from the supportive foundations of the Earth element. We need stable ground to move and walk, and the Antelope teaches us to explore stability in our physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

The Earth element offers grounding, setting a foundation to find balance in all aspects of life. A low imbalance in this area allows complacency to settle in and we can become stagnant, losing the desire to keep moving and growing. When the element is overbalanced, our self esteem can suffer as we become too dependant on that solid ground. The comfort zone becomes a safe space to avoid taking risks, but where we also feel guilty about the lack of progress. As the Earth element settles into balance, the mind becomes calm and our footing becomes steady. Worries melt away when we know where we stand, and progress is made with unshakable confidence and determination.

Inviting the Antelope’s swift energy and the support of the Earth element into your life offers stability to set goals, and builds momentum to achieve them. The animal could appear to you in its natural form, or you may notice people navigating challenges with agility and determination.To find balance with the Earth element, nature activities like walking and climbing will build confidence, and you can reconnect with nature indoors by tending to plants and spending time with pets. Listen to your body and take time to love, nourish, and nurture yourself as a mother would their child. Practising gratitude for everything in your life can help to find grounding amidst the chaos, creating a calm space to explore your inner strength.

With the Earth element in balance and the nimble Antelope as a guide, foundations become secure and we find our center of balance. We’re prepared to be still, yet poised to move and express ourselves, overcoming obstacles with dexterity and grace. Understanding ourselves and our grounding offers the stability to be completely present with our loved ones, offering greater support and comfort as they explore their own paths.



  • Please understand these ideas are only based on my personal interpretations. I’m not a medical professional and these concepts aren’t based on clinical or medical knowledge. If you ever feel like you may be struggling with any of these ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.
  • The actual print’s colour may be slightly different from the picture shown online due to lighting
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