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The fire within my body and soul is ever burning with passion.

With the Fire element in balance and the Tiger as a guide, passion and wisdom come together to clear the path before us. Display in your home to bring out the Tiger in you, or gift to a loved one who inspires you like the Tiger does.

  • Open edition print screen-printed manually by hand with love on 100% recycled eco-friendly paper. Comes with description card.
  • A3 (11.69" x 16.53") size.
  • Available upgrades or gift options:
    - Animalis Collection
    Ignite Collection


Animal Spirit Meaning of the Bengal Tiger (Fire Element)

The Tiger is a powerful and courageous animal, often worshipped in ancient Hindu tribes as a hunter and protector. Throughout history the Tiger has been revered for its power, and often associated with the characteristics of fire. Hindu hymns have compared domestic fires to tigers that guard the home, and many see the animal drawing deeply on this primal energy as it powers toward its target.

The Fire element represents all forms of change and transformation, from the moment we’re conceived to the moment we leave this world. An imbalance can be low, leaving us unmotivated and lethargic, with no zest for life or fun. An overbalance, however, can be a dangerous blaze, aggressively seeking attention and pushing people away. Frustration and aggression can flare up and scorch the edges of our good intent as we risk burning-out. Once the warm glow of the Fire element is fed and balanced, it can be a stunningly vibrant energy to behold. It draws people together to spark connection, communication, and play, with an almost spiritual power that can light the darkest of nights.

Inviting the Tiger’s vitality and the passionate energy of the Fire element on your adventure brings confidence to overcome challenges and begin exciting new adventures.The big cat may appear in its animal form, or you might notice the incredible passion and courage of people chasing their dreams. The Fire element can be balanced by getting in touch with your own passions, and getting out into the sun. Lighting candles for ambience can inspire and clarify your intention, and calm can be invited by exploring gentle movement, or eating a balanced diet. Practising self-awareness helps strengthen your self-esteem, offering a deeper understanding of your personal power.

With the Fire element in balance and the Tiger as a guide, passion and wisdom come together to clear the path before us. Creativity and innovation give birth to new ideas, and our growing self-confidence opens up endless possibilities for learning and growth. We’re energised by the power of transformation, bringing untold joy and excitement to the adventures ahead.



  • Please understand these ideas are only based on my personal interpretations. I’m not a medical professional and these concepts aren’t based on clinical or medical knowledge. If you ever feel like you may be struggling with any of these ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.
  • The actual print’s colour may be slightly different from the picture shown online due to lighting
  • Frame not included

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