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Moth Equilibrium is the fourth design from the Volucris collection.

Step into the delicate dance of shadow and light with Moth Equilibrium, a captivating creation from our Volucris collection.



Moths, symbolic of embracing both shadow and light, become a profound reflection of equilibrium. Connecting with the Moth reminds you to harmonize the dualities within, achieving balance and transformation.



Moth Equilibrium invites you to navigate the transformative journey with resilience and grace, illuminating your world with the beauty found in both shadow and light.

Printed on sustainably sourced hahnemuhle bamboo paper, this fine art print is a timeless addition to your space. An empowering gift for those embracing the intricate balance of life.


  • Open edition giclée paper print on hahnemuhle bamboo 310 gsm
  • Crafted from 90% Bamboo fibers and 10% cotton, ensuring a natural, smooth surface with maximum aging resistance.
  • Available in A5 (5.8" x 8.3"), A4 (8.3" x 11.7"), A3 (11.7" x 16.5"), or A2 (16.5" x 23.4") sizes.
  • Each print includes a description card for added depth.


  • Prints are made to order for a personalized touch.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for printing before shipment.
  • The actual print color may vary slightly from the online image, ensuring each piece is uniquely yours.

Embrace the transformative symbolism of Moth Equilibrium – a visual ode to the delicate balance found in embracing both shadow and light.



“I embrace my shadow and light to live my fullest potential."

Moths are spiritually known to symbolize transformation, vulnerability, and the journey toward spiritual enlightenment, embodying the delicate yet resilient nature of the soul's evolution. Connecting with the Moth reminds us to embrace both our shadow self and light self in order to achieve and embody equilibrium.

Most moths are nocturnal, meaning they are primarily active during the night. When it's dark, moths become more active. If moths are attracted to light, it is thought to be a navigational response, possibly related to their use of the moon for guidance. 

Moths, with their keen sensitivity to their surroundings and intuitive navigation through the darkness, inspire us to trust our instincts and embrace a deeper connection with our own intuition in the journey of self-discovery.

Moth reminds us that that when we give ourselves space for inrospection and rest (shadow), as well as engage actively for our joy (light), will we be able to embody equilibrium within ourselves.

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