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Dragonfly Magick is the first design from the Volucris collection.

Embark on an enchanting journey with Dragonfly Magick, a mystical masterpiece from our Volucris collection.

Revered as mystical beings in countless cultures, dragonflies symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, new beginnings, and the art of living in the moment.

Connecting with the Dragonfly serves as a poignant reminder to be fully present in life and to embrace change with gratitude. Dragonfly Magick gracefully invites confidence, assurance, and joy into your world.

This exquisite fine art print is a testament to the dragonfly's symbolism, guiding you to adapt gracefully to the new beginnings that await.

Printed on sustainably sourced hahnemuhle bamboo paper, the vibrancy of this artwork resonates deeply, offering a justified place in your transformative journey.

Illuminate your space with the magical allure of Dragonfly Magick and embrace the ever-unfolding beauty of change.


  • Open edition giclée paper print on hahnemuhle bamboo 310 gsm
  • Crafted from 90% Bamboo fibers and 10% cotton, offering a natural, smooth surface with maximum aging resistance.
  • Available in A5 (5.8" x 8.3"), A4 (8.3" x 11.7"), A3 (11.7" x 16.5"), or A2 (16.5" x 23.4") sizes.
  • Each print includes a description card, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift.


  • Prints are made to order, ensuring each piece is crafted with precision.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for printing before shipment.
  • The actual print color may vary slightly from the online image, adding a touch of uniqueness to your bespoke piece.

Embrace the magic of Dragonfly Magick – a timeless symbol of intuition, wonder, and the enchanting journey that unfolds within.



“I transform my life and live my life to the fullest."

Dragonflies are revered as mystical creatures in many cultures. They symbolise change, transformation, adaptability, new beginnings and living in the moment.

Dragonflies are normally found near bodies of water: water represents our emotions, and seeing dragonflies reminds us to connect with our feelings, emotions and inner self as we navigate through change. 

Life is constantly changing - connecting with Dragonfly reminds us to be present with life and to embrace change with gratitude. Change is a part of transformation and transformation is a magical experience. Practicing self-care and self-love gives us space to be with ourselves, enjoying our own company and ensuring our needs are being met.

There is magick in everyone, and it is up to us to discover our magick within. Dragonfly Magick invites confidence, assurance and joy while assisting us to adapt to new beginnings that's in store for us.

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